Gnope PHP-GTK 2 Installer

Gnope is a program management environment, allowing you to download and deploy applications with a graphical user interface written in PHP-GTK2 on many platforms.

Gnope in the words of its authors

Screenshort of Gnope The success of PHP has gathered a strong and active community around a language, which was initially created to develop server-side web applications, but the easy syntax and the powerful set of functions (or methods) led us to ponder the possibility to create offline applications with nice GUIs (graphical user interfaces) and an easy way to install these applications on any platform.

The availability of the Gtk (aka GIMP ToolKit) for PHP finally made a solid foundation of graphical methods accessible for the average PHP coder.

PHP-GTK deployment with Gnope In October 2005 Christian Weiske and Ralf Schwoebel started to create a platform for the rapid deployment of PHP-GTK2 applications called Gnope, which means something like php-gtk networked open deployment environment...

The Gnope set of applications are published under the LGPL open source license and everybody is welcome to help, criticize or imitate us!

You can find it at

A tutorial on PHP-GTK installation using Gnope is available here.

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