Tulip IDE

screenshot for Tulip code editorTulip is an editor tailored to PHP code writing in a cooperative environment. It is written in PHP-GTK itself, and includes the usual features: code completion, CVS controls, project explorer, file locking, syntax hints and highlighting, etc.

Tulip CVS controls make it possible to create, update and delete remote files seamlessly from a CVS server, allowing the programmer to manage several big projects with individual organization for each project. Tulip has also controls that lock work files, enhancing security in a networked development environment, avoiding another people to mistakingly change files you are working on. Tulip allows these remote features through Tulip Server, a PHP application that uses Web Services to deliver the files.

At a higher functionality level, Tulip brings an embedded Database navigator, in wich you may access your Database (Mysql or Postgres), make queries, edit or delete your records.

Regarding syntax, Tulip has auto-completion, syntax highlighting and syntax hints, features provided by the GtkScintilla library and configuration files containing all the syntax rules.

Besides everything, Tulip has all popular features present in any other popular text editor, such as copy, cut, paste, search, go to, fast work file exchange, and others.