PHP-GTK 2.1 and Mongo DB Server made portable for windows.


This is my first post to this blog, I thought to make PHP-GTK2 and MongoDB server protable.

This folder can be unzipped anywhere and everything will run as it is. Readme file included. What is this: This is the PHP-GTK 2.1 enviroment including the MongoDB database server. Remeber all these are portable, both the MongoDB server and PHP-GTK enviroment. A hello mongo script is included, a Cairo project is included too. Other demos are included too. All parts are put clean and tidy in separate folders. Windows .bat files are included to make things easy. The .bat files are such that run probably anywhere. Unzip and starting writting PHP-GTK code immediately. Whenever you want to give your job away give it as it is with the folder and it will be ready to run in Windows at once (tested on Windows/XP SP3).

The folder is available for download from here: