screenshot for Frifinans FriFinans is an accounting/bookkeeping/ERP system for medium sized companies that are not satisfied with web-type systems and who needs an cross-platform, client-server, multi-user system with a fast and rich-featured client.

FriFinans (the application) is available in both english and danish (via locales) - only the official website is in danish (new website will be coming up soon!)

pewpew - PHP's Embedded Webserver

screenshot for pewpew This is a tiny tool that allows you to launch the built in PHP 5.4 HTTP test server with a few clicks. It allows you to select which PHP binary you want to use (in case you have multiple on your system) and the document root of the test server.

How to use corba in php-gtk

hi all

I need help here, I'm building a linux based screen reader applications using php-gtk. after googling, I get some information

1. gnome already has an AT that can be accessed is called the AT-SPI.
2. AT-SPI built using corba language (. Idl). for a variety of languages already support this, especially I can find for java and python. I can not find documentation for php-gtk.

problem installing php-gtk on lucid lynx

I am trying to install php-gtk on ubuntu 10.04 using the post on the ubuntu forums ( but i am getting an error message when i try to build php-gtk from cvs

to get php-gtk i use

svn co php-gtk
cd php-gtk

this all works fine, but then when i issue the make command i get the message

/home/nick/src/php-gtk/main/phpg_support.c: In function ‘phpg_read_property’:

Code completion for PHP-GTK in Netbeans

Jose Antonio Bayona Medina has put up a slideshow demonstrating how to use the basic technique outlined in this chapter to add PHP-GTK 2 autocompletion in Netbeans 6.7.


screenshot for <application name />PHP-Editor is a program developed in Php-Gtk using Glade and GtkBuilder.

This is a very structured program that allows up to 9 tab (which is the point of having more?), the usual options of a text editor but with the code and highlight the most important thing is the tooltip on the traditional functions of PHP with their explanation.

The package contains the generator to the database of words that must be written in a particular way and is controllable from the command line in order to compress.

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