Explore Cairo your self without a manual or tutorial

There are some very good tutorials for doing some basic or a bit more advanced things in php gtk cairo. However it is logical that they do not cover everything.

But luckily one can go further in using cairo by him self, I provide a single and very simple example script that allows you to discover all by your self things like:

Canvas in PHP-GTK ? Or other method ?

Hi everybody,

I have been toying around with PHP-GTK for the past few days and have been pleasantly surprised at the possibilities offered. Being able to use (and re-use) PHP for GUI apps is a big breakthrough against bulkier Java and C++.

I am looking for a specific widget or behaviour though, and have not been able to find explicit documentation relating to it.

Dial widget - a graphical widget to display an analog value.

Dial widget The Dial widget is a graphical object which displays an analog value. This is a direct port of the Gtk tutorial about creating graphical widgets

Merry Christmas with php-gtk and object oriented software (tutorial).

drawing blinking stars with php-gtk It's time to have some fun for the holiday season. We are going to draw some stars in a Drawing Area. Stars will have random colors, and random blinking cycle. Will will try to write some object-oriented code to show good practices with php-gtk.

Extending GtkDrawingArea to draw animated graphs

Grapher class example Drawing graphs with GtkDrawingArea is very easy. This is even easier using Graph_Core.

Extending GtkDrawingArea with OO methods

GxDrawingArea example This example shows a nice drawing area class, derived from GtkDrawingArea:

  • with 2D matrix transformation : rotate, translate, scale
  • with many classes : Point, Matrix, GxObject, GxPoint, GxRectangle, GxDrawingArea
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