emuControlCenter 0.99

screen of emuControlCenter 0.99emuControlCenter (ecc) is a rom-manager for retro and new console/computer games. ecc is build for people who want's to play retro games quick 'n' easy, without searching to much, ECC supports images and previews them directy in the 'Resultview'. Also there is a 'ImageCenter' build-in for a fullsize preview!

emuControlCenter 0.9.9 WIP04
emuControlCenter 0.9 released
The biggest update in emuControlCenter history has been done. This release contains many new features, requested by the users of ecc and fixes the most known bugs.

The biggest features are the complete new and faster imageHandling, a new ImageCenter including image drag-n-drop for easier adding images from your roms. (A converter of the ecc images is included!) The new simple search filter make searching for equal roms easier. Also the Autocompletion for Developers and Publishers will make adding and searching meta-informations much easier and faster!

Phoenix have added new platforms to ecc. Now ecc can also handle Fairchild Channel F, Game Park 32, MGT Sam Coupé, MSX 2, Nintendo Virtual Boy and Oric Atmos/Telestrat Roms and emulators. Also phoenix added a first version of the documentation explaining the functions of the ecc-tools.

emuControlCenter is delivered as installer including exe startup or as rar-file. An Web-Autoupdate is integrated


Advanced Datfile-Format

The emuControlCenter datfiles are containing informations about languages, state of the rom, developer and more. This informations could easly transfered via ecc-datfiles (plain text files, .csv / .xls (experimental)) » more

romdb - internet database integration

With emuControlCenter, you can directly add roms to the internet database, called 'ecc-romdb'. In the next releases, you can get these informations back in 'live' mode from the internet, into your emuControlCenter-installation without any datfile! » more

Gtk Theme-Support

It's possible to costumize how your ECC looks!, by giving it a Gtk+ 2.0 theme. You can browse and download these themes » here


emuControlCenter can get the checksums directly without unpacking compressed files (ZIP). It's also possible to parse one ore more roms from a single ZIP-File!

You will find more screenshots here.