End of Life and GDPR

If you're reading the community site these days, you certainly noticed that not a single piece of significant content was created since 2015, and not much since 2013.

Whatever this may mean for PHP-GTK itself is another issue, but for the site itself, it means it ceased to be relevant about 5 years ago, and it's time to move on for the site members. Since the site contains non-anonymous user, it will fall under the new EU GDPR regulations entering into force on 2018-05-25, and there is no point for me to spend time on evolving the site towards compliance when no one is actually using it.

So here is the EOL announcement: the site will be shutting down on 2018-05-24 and its data will taken offline.

A static version of the articles may be published again at some point here or elsewhere, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. So if you have even some interest in the site content, be sure to copy/paste the pages of interest before it goes dark on 2018-05-24. Or contact me if you want a copy of the files and content, or check my blog for newer content.

Thanks all for participating, it's been a pleasure while it lasted.


Call for help

This post is here to invite devs or users in the community to test a functionality or work on it.

Letzte Nachrichten in den PHP-GTK Foren

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php-gtk installation for GTKBuilder support... failed

Well, after few weeks trying to find some really good information about how to install php-gtk with GTKBuilder support I'm just tired. I can't find anywhere nothing about INSTALL php-gtk with full extra support... when you try to ask on #php-gtk its like talk with yourself, anybody responds your question... its a really good site, but I just find 2 links about GTKBuilder...

My strong language is spanish... y no existe documentacion alguna acerca de instalar php-gtk. This is really bad...

I think I must conform with installing Glade 2...

Readying for PHP-GTK 2 Beta : new classes

As you have probably already read elsewhere, the PHP-GTK development team is readying for PHP-GTK 2 beta, with many new widgets from the recent GTK+ versions.

This would be a good time for community members to create small samples demonstrating each and every one of the new widgets, to go to the single widgets tutorials section on this site, in order to alleviate the workload on the core developers and leave them free to work on the more difficult parts of PHP-GTK itself.

A Message from Andrei

I finished porting the first demo from PyGTK, the stock item browser. It's in demos/stock-browser.php and in the process I've implemented a fair amount of new GtkTreeView/GtkListStore functions. PHP-GTK 2 is coming along!

Maybe a very early alpha release is due...

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