About "PHP-GTK installer for windows"

A PHP-GTK installer for Windows, it includes PHP-GTK (PHP 5.3.4 + php-gtk snap + cairo), PHP Extensions, some Gtk Locales, File Associations and demo scripts

screenshot for PHP-GTK installer

Fixed incompatibility between extensions and core due to version mismatch

You can install only PHP-GTK core files, the full install or choose what to install. Made with Inno Setup, questions, suggestions and feature requests are welcome

[PHP-GTK installer for windows]

Also the installer will create right click context menu options like "Run in CMD" and other util stuff, it will create two registry entries on HKLM/Software/PHP-GTK these two are "Path": indicating the installation path for PHP-GTK and "Version": indicating the version of the software, in this case I've used 3.2 the 3 is from PHP 5.3 and the 2 from Gtk 2.22

screenshot for PHP-GTK installer

I think this will help non-developers to start using php-gtk applications, and developers to start deploying in a easier way their apps

If you want to contact me write me at orlandosaavedra at gmail dot com

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MySQL extensions don't work

OS: NT 5.1 (aka XP)
MySQL server: 5.0.41

I installed this distribution and did a few tests. Basic php-gtk functionality works OK, but when the mysql extensions are enabled (by uncommenting the php_mysql.dll and php_mysqli.dll lines in the php-cli.ini) I'm getting errors:

"The procedure entry point _mysqlnd_fetch_lengths could not be located in the dynamic link library php5.dll"

This happens whether the php script actually uses mysql, or not.

Scripts which do use mysql fail because the mysqli object cannot be instantiated.

I suspect that there may be incompatibility between php5.dll (version 5.3.2) and php_mysqli.dll (version 5.3.4)
In fact, I was able to get things working by replacing the php5.dll in your distribution by the php5.dll taken from here:

HTH :-)


for phpgtk 2.0.1 try using
php_mysql.dll that comes with
php 5.2.5

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