End of Life and GDPR

If you're reading the community site these days, you certainly noticed that not a single piece of significant content was created since 2015, and not much since 2013.

Whatever this may mean for PHP-GTK itself is another issue, but for the site itself, it means it ceased to be relevant about 5 years ago, and it's time to move on for the site members. Since the site contains non-anonymous user, it will fall under the new EU GDPR regulations entering into force on 2018-05-25, and there is no point for me to spend time on evolving the site towards compliance when no one is actually using it.

So here is the EOL announcement: the site will be shutting down on 2018-05-24 and its data will taken offline.

A static version of the articles may be published again at some point here or elsewhere, but I wouldn't hold my breath on it. So if you have even some interest in the site content, be sure to copy/paste the pages of interest before it goes dark on 2018-05-24. Or contact me if you want a copy of the files and content, or check my blog for newer content.

Thanks all for participating, it's been a pleasure while it lasted.


PHP-GTK Application Showcase

Applications directory

This is a directory of applications using PHP-GTK, at least for part of their features. They are classified by category:

  • Business/finance (8) : Applications for businesses or personal finance
  • Database (5) : Database-oriented applications, like administration tools, reporting tools, data modeling tools, form builders, and so on.
  • Games (10) : Games of all kind, written in PHP-GTK, and ancillary applications
  • Internet (14) : Internet-related applications : chat programs, bots, email clients, fax over IP...
  • Multimedia (6) : Multimedia programs like players for MP3, OGG... PCVRs.
  • Security: Security tools: log analyzers, front-ends for security programs..
  • Software development (16) : Class libraries usable to spice up applications: database-oriented Stores for view classes, front-ends to versioning tools, package installers for operating systems, RAD tools, IDEs...
  • Utilities (4) : System oriented programs not fitting any other category better: PDF viewers, disks space occupation visualizers...
  • Other (1) : Applications not fitting in any other category. Maye you can suggest one ?
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