CairoForPHP Samples

Screenshot for CairoForPHP Samples in desktop environmentCairoForPHP Samples is an application that demonstrates several functions of the Cairo implementation for PHP. It uses a technique with which, from the same source, it can run both as a desktop application with PHP-GTK and as a web application in a webserver, thus demonstrating how PHP-GTK can be used as "just one" method of output and integrated into multi-platform, multi-environment applications.

Screenshot for CairoForPHP Samples in online environment The samples in CairoForPHP are fully adjustable and code can be "dropped-in" easily in the non-Phar versions - all required additional data interfaces are XML based. The integrated samples come both pre-rendered and in live rendering, demonstrating both abilities of Cairo here and PHP-GTK's utilisation with Cairo in the realisation of it.

CairoForPHP is using several technologies in order to achieve all this, such as XML-based data interfaces (including XML Schema validation), PHP-GTK, Phar-compatibility, Gettext integration, and others...