Database-oriented applications, like administration tools, reporting tools, data modeling tools, form builders, and so on.

Agata Report

Screenshot of Agata ReportAgata Report is a graphical tool, written in PHP-GTK that allows you to edit and get SQL results from several Databases.

It connects to database, lists its tables, fields and allows linking among tables, make constraints, orders, to apply functions and make queries. It generates results to PostScript or TXT file.

knj SQL-admin

screenshot for knjSQLAdminThis application can manage a database for you, in the way phpMyAdmin does. Furthermore, it can convert various types of databases to another type of database (eg from MySQL to SQLite, Access to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL and more).

It can also backup your database in plain SQL - it can even backup a database in another type of SQL-format (backup a MySQL-database in valid SQLite SQL-format and more).

qpoq : php open query

ODBC connection tool. Simple design - only 4 files so is useful as a tutorial for beginners as well as experienced users who want to re-work it


A graphical database schema designer, based loosely around the MDB schema, featuring:


A small yet effective mysql querying tool.

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