freeFAX - Fax Over IP

screenshot for freeFAXfreeFAX is a very small php-gtk2 application to send faxes using an Internet Service Provider fax gateway.

French ISP offers its customers the ability to send faxes at zero or reduced costs when compared with traditional phone companies, but with a traditional Web user interface based on an Internet browser. With freeFAX, sending FAXes is very much easier :

  • nice interface,
  • nice feedback : connection status,
  • reload captcha in a single click,
  • integrated phonebook,
  • manages connection parameters to service provider : no need to remember them,
  • keep-alive feature,
  • ability to optionally keep connection parameters hidden from users (you should never give out such a password, should you ?)
  • fully object oriented ; can be customized.

An explanation on the way the program is built is available from the author on a LinuxFR blog