Games of all kind, written in PHP-GTK, and ancillary applications

emuControlCenter 0.99

screen of emuControlCenter 0.99emuControlCenter (ecc) is a rom-manager for retro and new console/computer games. ecc is build for people who want's to play retro games quick 'n' easy, without searching to much, ECC supports images and previews them directy in the 'Resultview'. Also there is a 'ImageCenter' build-in for a fullsize preview!

emuControlCenter 0.9.9 WIP04
emuControlCenter 0.9 released
The biggest update in emuControlCenter history has been done. This release contains many new features, requested by the users of ecc and fixes the most known bugs.

Xs and Os

Simple application, some kind of Tic-Tac-Toe game

Click Fast! - Are you cool?

Click the "Click me!" button as fast as you can. If you make it to 10, you're cool! If the computer drops you down to -10, you're not cool. :P This small application features the use of Gtk::timeout_add() and Gtk::timeout_remove() in a Glade-built user interface.


XtremGui is a user interface to unsplit files generated from XtremSplit.

Alien Arena server browser

The Alien Arena server browser lets you look for Alien Arena game servers.


Tic-Tac-Toe is a familiar simple desktop game.

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