Internet-related applications : chat programs, bots, email clients, fax over IP...

visualProxy - a graphical HTTP proxy with php-gtk2

screenshot for ispMonitor visualProxy is an HTTP proxy server and transmit HTTP proxy requests from a WWW user agent to an other proxy or directly to a server. It displays requests graphically and update information on the fly on a detailed list with many fields colunms.

knj SMS

screenshot for KNJ SMSThis application is another SMS-sender. It works via either Gnokii, a knj SMS gateway or the two danish providers CBB ( or Bibob ( It has a phonebook, groups of contacts, logs sent messages and have a quick-search-function.

Its default language is english - but I have also translated it into danish. If you want to translate it into other languages, it can easily be done via "poedit" (aptitude install poedit) - since it works via locales.

knj SMS gateway

screenshot of knjSMSGatewayInterface The application functions as a SMS-gateway. It can receive a SMS and post it to another application via HTTP-post, or other computers can connect to it via a socket and send SMS through it. It can even bounce messages to another knj SMS gateway. I reads SMS via Gnokii and saves them to a database of your choice. Works with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and even Access on Windows.

Nitwit : a microblogging client

Nitwit is a cross-platform microblogging client for Twitter, Jaiku and other platforms including Jabber and IRC. reader

screenshot for reader This program reads the RSS from "" and shows it to the user. The UI includes vote batons "+", "-" and "[:|||:]"

ispMonitor - an easy to use Ping frontend.

screenshot for ispMonitorispMonitor is a easy to use GUI for the ping command, allowing one to monitor network defects over broadband ADSL Internet connections. ispMonitor takes care of dropped or late packets. Results are displayed both visually and in a text window.

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