knj SQL-admin

screenshot for knjSQLAdminThis application can manage a database for you, in the way phpMyAdmin does. Furthermore, it can convert various types of databases to another type of database (eg from MySQL to SQLite, Access to MySQL, PostgreSQL to MySQL and more).

It can also backup your database in plain SQL - it can even backup a database in another type of SQL-format (backup a MySQL-database in valid SQLite SQL-format and more).

This application is available in english and danish languages (via locales). I am sorry, that the screenshot is in danish by the way :-)

This application makes use of the knjPHPFrameWork, which can be found here:

On Ubuntu/Debian you can get the code by typing the following commands:

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
sudo aptitude update
sudo aptitude install knjsqladmin

On Windows you can download a version which I have already packaged with everything you need (PHP-GTK, the sourcecode and executables). Download it here:



Maybe I missed something but where can I download this stuff? There are no uploaded files @ sf.

To download file ...

Look at the "You can find it at" link. In this program's case, the link points to

There are no files in the download section

Hello ,

There are no files in your sourceforge download section....


Wim Stockman

Use CVS to access files

Use CVS to get them. You can see them online at :

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