Multimedia programs like players for MP3, OGG... PCVRs.


Get the pictures out of adobe starter album edition 3.2 and let those pictures upload to your website in an easy way

PGID3 v2.1

screenshot for PGID3 v2.1 PGID3 is an ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor for MP3 files. This new version sports a completely rebuilt user interface even though it looks exactly the same as before, now taking advantage of the PHP5 OOP model.

Also starting with this version PGID3 is now under the BSD License.


screenshot for FreeTiViFreeTiVi is a php-gtk2 front end for mplayer, used to watch TV over DSL using the RTSP streams from french ISP Free.


phpISO is a small application to make images from CDs.

phpISO screendumpphpISO is very small, but very easy to use and very fast. It only works under Linux! You enter a device, for example /dev/cdrom and phpISO makes a similar image of it.


mediaCat-GTK is an adaptation of the MP3 Database Search running on as a standalone PHP-GTK application.


Lintelkku is a PHP-GTK application that uses mplayer to play NSV streams listed on SHOUTcast.

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