Random Walk Visualizer

This is about simple random walk (as defined in theory). Uses the cairo library. A ball walks randomly on the screen and leaves a trace behind.

screenshot for <application name />Defined probability for the next step to walk is 0.5. Probabilities for left step and other parameters are pre-defined however someone can change them from inside the constructor at will. Accepted probabilities are from 0 to 1, also -1 is accepted, this indicates that the program choses on its own the probability for the next step to walk. The purpose of this is to show the the usage of cairo library!

The one direction use red color, the other blue color, and black color is used when the walk comes at the starting position. Predifined is 1000 steps and speed 400ms, after this a summary of the steps like a graph is shown on the screen. Other information are displayed on the screen like total count of steps, the current height (how far away is from the starting height), maximum, minimum height, statistical probability from walk history etc.

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