Software development

Class libraries usable to spice up applications: database-oriented Stores for view classes, front-ends to versioning tools, package installers for operating systems, RAD tools, IDEs...

Tulip IDE

screenshot for Tulip code editorTulip is an editor tailored to PHP code writing in a cooperative environment. It is written in PHP-GTK itself, and includes the usual features: code completion, CVS controls, project explorer, file locking, syntax hints and highlighting, etc.


CyCle splash screenCyCle IDE is a collaborative php development tool.

Dev Inspector Phar

Dev Inspector is a PHP class inspector.

screenshot for PHP GTK Dev InspectorThis is a PHP class browser

PHPUnit Test Runner

PHP-GTK2 Test runner is a GTK2 GUI for the PHPUnit testing framework.

screenshot for PHP GTK Testrunner for PHPUnitThe runner allows you to load single or multiple PHPUnit tests suites (starting with version 3.0 of PHPUnit), to run them and display their results. If you want to try it out, you can either check it out from the PHPUnit SVN or download a recent tarball.


Anúbis is a simple RAD / IDE tool wich helps to build php-gtk applications and its intefaces in a simple way like Lazarus, Delphi, VB...

Glade2PHP : converting Glade 1.x files to PHP-GTK

Glade2PHP helps you to code your glade project into php. It is used to generate a php code using your glade file from Glade V1.X (Glade 2 not supported yet).

Glade2PHP uses libglade while your GUI is running, the code stays dynamic and very easy to manage. The current version use a "function way" to code, but on CVS you can find a beta version wich use OOP generation

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