Software development

Class libraries usable to spice up applications: database-oriented Stores for view classes, front-ends to versioning tools, package installers for operating systems, RAD tools, IDEs...

GladeXT : converting Glade 1.x files to PHP-GTK

GladeXT is a source file maker. It converts the XML files produced / edited by Glade to PHP-GTK sources.

It performs XML parsing of the Gladefile, and extracts event handlers and extract user editable widgets, then writes an equivalent PHP source for the UI.


OnForce_PatchView provides a syntax highlighted graphical interface for viewing unified diff files.

Gnope FileExplorer - a very simple file explorer for php-gtk2

This is a very simple application to browse directories. Actualy, this application do not allow any actions ; so it is not a great value except for developers.

Gnope PHP-GTK 2 Installer

Gnope is a program management environment, allowing you to download and deploy applications with a graphical user interface written in PHP-GTK2 on many platforms.

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