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Glade 3 (3.4.1) Build for Windows (Installer Included)

Glade 3 running on LinuxRecently I have had the obligation to develop desktop applications for Windows platforms in a fast and practical, to make this happens I decided to use Glade.

The only problem is that I've been using Linux for over 4 years and 2 years since I have not developed anything under/for Windows, but nothing is forever and this time is no an exception.

At first, I searched a lot through the internet looking for something already done, in my search I found a few projects, but none that were not updated to run in an acceptable manner, at the end I lost too much time, so I decided to take control of things and make my own compilation of gtk + libraries for Windows and finally achieve the power to run Glade properly.

After a few days (1 and an half, actually) trying to run my favorite software for the design of graphical user interfaces (Glade) under Windows, I finally succeeded.

This was my result.

So I've decided to create an installation script and publish it for anyone who needs Glade on Windows... you can get in an easy way, just a click away.


Finally after few weeks... I did it!

Thanks to Elizabeth Marie Smith (http://php-gtk.eu/node/218#comment-103)... I finally got it... I got GTKBuilder support!! :D

php-gtk installation for GTKBuilder support... failed

Well, after few weeks trying to find some really good information about how to install php-gtk with GTKBuilder support I'm just tired. I can't find anywhere nothing about INSTALL php-gtk with full extra support... when you try to ask on #php-gtk its like talk with yourself, anybody responds your question...

php-gtk.eu its a really good site, but I just find 2 links about GTKBuilder...

My strong language is spanish... y no existe documentacion alguna acerca de instalar php-gtk. This is really bad...

I think I must conform with installing Glade 2...

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