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pkTheme - yet another theme manager

Remember pkTail and pkStart?
Today, I'm pleased to introduce you pkTheme.

All these tools are shipped with the pkTypical pack ("pkTypical pack" sounds great, doesn't it?)

The aim of pkTheme is

  • to make the preview of PHP-GTK themes, and
  • to make changes in these themes,

both actions as conveniently as possible.

pkStart - yet another start menu

From my first uses of PHP-GTK, I found it lacked an installer. Something that gives more confidence than zillions of zipped files. Thus was born PiGii.

Months later, I needed a "tail" utility for MS-Windows. Thus appeared pkTail.

A few weeks later, I searched for an application launcher: something similar to the well-known "Start" menu. The time had come for pkStart.

  • The pkStart icon (with its tip) in the system tray:

pkTail - yet another tail tool (for MS-windows' users only)

A few days ago, I needed a tool like the Unix "tail" in order to monitor some files' updates. After some walks with yahoo, bing or google, I found nothing available for a poor lonesome MS-windows(tm) user ;)
nothing but tons of good ideas.

The first pkTool was born: pkTail - that's also my first PHP-GTK creation.

Here it is: a toolbar with 3 buttons, a textview and a kind of status bar.

After some drag'n drop, it is supposed to look like the following:

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