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Drag and Drop: watch out for the GtkSelectionData::set_text() contents


A few days ago I was confronted with a weird trouble. That my string that I used which has some typical french characters in it changed to ugly thing like \u009 instead of é. I also discovered that other people who used the serialize() function on GtkSelectionData also encountered some weird things.

So today I found the solution the GtkSelectiondata object works with URI strings. All you have to do is encode your string with the function urlencode($your_string);.

PHP-GTK on Vista Memory Issue

Hello ,

Yesterday I encountered a weird thing. I created an application to manage pictures on your computer to easily upload then to your website.

My work station is WinXp system and my friend where I had to create it for has the new Vista and somewhere over 9000 pictures to be managed. On my system everything worked fine, but on my friends system i always got the error can not open file .

Callback function and object oriented php style

Dear Php-Gtk user and believers,

Yesterday I found something out about php-gtk and object oriented stuff and I guess a lot of people will come to the same trouble : when you connect signals from your class you have to watch out e.g.

->connect('drag-data-received', array($this,'on_drop'));
  • $this without ' ' means the instance of the class
  • '$this' so with quotes it means the class itself
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