These are the main resources inventoried for members of the PHP-GTK community: IRC, mailing lists, web sites, tag services. If you know of other resources, please mention them, either by commenting on this page or by using the contact form.

IRC Chat

On this community site

On the main PHP-GTK site

Web resources

Local communities

Find other PHP-GTK devs on the worldwide map of PHP-GTK devs


PHP-GTK tags are available in many tagging services, including, Flickr, Technorati, and Digg.

Community contributors

The following contributors have produced docs for the community site, or its wiki predecessor:

Contributorsort iconPages
Anant Narayanan2 pages
Andrei Zmievski1 page
Bob Majdak Jr3 pages
Christian Weiske2 pages
Daniele Scasciafratte3 pages
Dimitri Giardina1 page
Elizabeth Marie Smith1 page
Elvis Oliveira1 page
Frédéric G. Marand59 pages
Greg Magnusson1 page
Harald Thoeny2 pages
Jan Pospisil6 pages
Joachim Werner1 page
Jonathan Gotti9 pages
Jose Antonio Bayona Medina1 page
Leon Pegg1 page
Marc Quinton28 pages
Martin Fasani1 page
Melsi Habipi4 pages
PHP-GTK editors23 pages
Pierre Fauconnier1 page
Robert van der Linde1 page
Ryan Huff2 pages
Scott Mattocks1 page
Tom Rogers1 page

Translation team

Here are the courageous members of the community in charge of the national translations of In parentheses is their IRC nickname on #php-gtk:

Jan Popsisil (Fosfor)
Frédéric G. Marand (osinet)
Harald Thoeny (seraphim)
Daniele Scasciafratte (Mte90)
Portuguese (Brazil)
Elvis Oliveira (Elvis)

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