Criando Aplicações Gráficas com PHP-GTK2

Criando Aplicações Gráficas com PHP 2007 EditionPablo Dall'Oglio has just announced his 2004 book about PHP-GTK Criando Aplicações Gráficas com PHP has been updated to a second edition covering PHP-GTK2, available from his publisher Novatec.

For a limited time, a discount is available with the code "novogtk" from the publisher's site.

Quoting from Pablo's mail to the PHP-GTK lists:

I've been rewriting my first book of PHP-GTK published in 2004 for more than one year to cover PHP-GTK2. Now it's done. The book was published this week.
This second edition was totally rewritten to offer a solid background about object orientation (50 pages chapter) and explain in details almost every Gtk widget (80 pages chapter). The book have also an exclusive chapter about the use of php-gtk2 with sqlite (20 pages), another chapter explaining how to extend the native classes to build your own components (43 pages), a chapter about using glade (30 pages) an exclusive chapter about MVC and treeview/textview components, and a long introductory chapter about PHP conpects and the basis of the language (50 pages).

The book is prefaced by Andrei Zmievski.

Warning: as the title implies, the book is in portuguese, not english. For other books covering PHP-GTK, see the Resources in print page.