Fatal Fatal error: Class 'GladeXML' not found.


i installed php-gtk under kubuntu,
i used php-gtk-2.0.0beta.tar.gz
when i did ./configure, it requests me to install libglade and others packages.
on my system, i installed libglade2-0, libglade2-dev and libglade2.0cli.

Before today, i never use GTK. i would like to use glade, in order to build my interface.

I followed a tutorial which i found at http://gtk.php.net/manual/en/tutorials.helloglade.preparation.php but i met errors like
Fatal Fatal error: Class 'GladeXML' not found.

Can you help me please

Install tutorial

Maybe you should look at the tutorial Bob has been creating at http://www.php-gtk.eu/compile-that-php-gtk2-and-more

Did you try it ?

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