read/write registry and screen class


just considering using php-gtk for a windows app, but it is a requirement that we use a couple of screens and read/write to the registry. i found the screen class in the gnome toolkit - is this accessible from php-gtk and will it give the info i need to run different windows on different screens?

i haven't been able to find any examples or reading/writing to the registry - is this possible?



you can use COM with WScript.Shell or the REG command in Windows

= new COM('WScript.Shell');
//$a->RegWrite($key, $val, $type);
(exec("REG query HKCR\.txt"));
You can find more info on Google. Regards

php gtk windows extension exists

U can use the win32std extension for php.
Win32 dialogs, Windows utility functions, Registry access and Windows resources

win32std is not php-gtk

This is another way to build rich UIs with PHP on Windows, but it AIUI it basically exposes the native Win32 APIs (or at least a subset of these) in a PHP extension; this is completely different from PHP-GTK, which exposes a GLib / GTK API on top of, not Win32 itself.

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