Gataka: the PHP-GTK IRC bot

The community site is now host to an IRC bot named Gataka (for "GTK"), helping users on the Freenode IRC channel for PHP-GTK, at irc://

Gataka on IRC

Its main features are:

  • API reference: ask about PHP-GTK elements (case does not matter) and Gataka will return links to their reference on the main PHP-GTK site. Examples: atk? returns the links to the ATK static functions page and the ATK enums page. gtkentry? returns the link to the GtkEntry class reference page.
  • User tracking: "seen foo" returns the last quote from foo
  • Factoids: teach the bot like: Gataka: foo is bar and query it with foo? to receive bar as an answer. Make it forget with Gataka: forget about foo

The bot also logs the channel, but public access to the logs will be subject to a poll prior to being enabled, to avoid some feather ruffling over real or supposed privacy issues.

Gataka on

See the list of factoids at

See more details.