The results of the 2007 IDE poll are in !

Following a two-weeks poll, a first for the community site, the results for the development environment used by PHP-GTK developers are in.

Results for the sprint 2007 IDE poll on

Unsurprisingly, Eclipse and Zend Studio come ahead of the IDE pack (most PHP developers seem to favor the Zend-led Eclipse PDT over alternative plugins), with a major difference over the smaller players (from 25% for Zend Studio down to 4% for the next choice) Surprises are elsewhere:

  • non-integrated editors, like Context, Bluefish, Weaverslave, and similar programmer editors rank second, at about the same level as Zend Studio
  • the comparatively less well known French IDE PHPEdit is the third most used IDE in the pack
  • the brand new Delphi for PHP from Codegear (Borland), although designed and sold as a web RAD for PHP enters at the same rank as generic IDEs like Komodo and Dev-PHP-IDE

See the full results. We'll see what the numbers will tell us next year.

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we are waiting

for a good editor based on php-gtk. We have been working on some componant about this editor. A good editor may contain :
- a class browser,
- some code hints,
- multiple window,
- source code hightlight,
- search, replace text,
- syntax checking,

we can do all that items ; i have built some of them ; some more difficults items are :
- debugging,
- project management with local or remote sites,

Tulip IDE is a good target but unusable with php-gtk2. Source code is not easy to read.

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