I created a new PHP-GTK group in the Open Source University Meetup from SUN. The link is:



Great initiative

Hi Jose,

Congratulations on taking this initiative. I notice you appear to hail from Peru, and the Peruvian PHP-GTK group on Google never took up yet. Do you plan on moving things locally, or is this rather for academics worldwide ?

If this is for Peru, we can register your group on the site as the peruvian community, replacing the current google group, as soon as you have a few pages related to your activity.

A global group

Hi Frederic, thanks for your words. With respect of this OSUM, I don´t want to become it in the peruvian community, this OSUM will be another space where we meet us, prepare study materials, organize events and more with all people who wants to know and work with php - gtk2.

I had a conversation with the moderator of my google group and we planning to create a website and prepare projects.

I invite you and all people of this community to join the PHP-GTK2 OSUM.

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