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Here is a list of various articles about PHP-GTK2, recently updated:

Code completion for PHP-GTK in Netbeans

Jose Antonio Bayona Medina has put up a slideshow demonstrating how to use the basic technique outlined in this chapter to add PHP-GTK 2 autocompletion in Netbeans 6.7.

Install PHP-GTK 2 on MS-Windows™ - PiGii


First of all, be prepared to accept the terms of the agreement for the following licenses:

pkTail - yet another tail tool (for MS-windows' users only)

A few days ago, I needed a tool like the Unix "tail" in order to monitor some files' updates. After some walks with yahoo, bing or google, I found nothing available for a poor lonesome MS-windows(tm) user ;)
nothing but tons of good ideas.

The first pkTool was born: pkTail - that's also my first PHP-GTK creation.

Here it is: a toolbar with 3 buttons, a textview and a kind of status bar.

After some drag'n drop, it is supposed to look like the following:

Accessing geo-nick with Pear XML_RPC2

Here you will find another version using PEAR's XML_RPC2 package.

It also converts the values returned into a RDF xml:

PiGii, yet another PHP-GTK distribution

Pierre Fauconnier has set up a new distribution of PHP-GTK 2 for Windows, and a site to match on SourceForge, under the moniker PiGii

You can find this distro at http://pigii.sourceforge.net/

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