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Interim news from the PHP-GTK team: progress being made between versions, new features added...

Readying for PHP-GTK 2 Beta : new classes

As you have probably already read elsewhere, the PHP-GTK development team is readying for PHP-GTK 2 beta, with many new widgets from the recent GTK+ versions.

This would be a good time for community members to create small samples demonstrating each and every one of the new widgets, to go to the single widgets tutorials section on this site, in order to alleviate the workload on the core developers and leave them free to work on the more difficult parts of PHP-GTK itself.

Documentation team

With a new release of PHP-GTK comes the need for new documentation. The documentation effort is currently in the organizational stages.

Official PHP-GTK documentation

Currently the PGP-GTK documentation team consists of :

Online Help

While the development team works hard to finish the API (90% coverage is not far off), a new set of online tutorials has sprung up recently The tutorials are short and to the point. They cover those nagging issues that don't necessarily prevent you from completing your application, but add a great deal to the finished product.

Documentation Filling Out

This week, the PHP-Gtk2 documentation broke the 44.44% barrier: nearly half of the classes and their methods, properties and signals are documented. PHP-GTK 2 consists of 202 classes with nearly 2,900 methods, and many signals and properties. As the documentation matures, PHP-GTK 2 becomes easier to work with as the answers to many common problems become easier to find.

PHP-GTK 2 Resources

The number of PHP-GTK 2 resources has been climbing steadily as development continues. As it stands now there are eight PHP-GTK 2 packages available from PEAR. The availability of the PHP-GTK 2 documentation provides an online resource for developers needing help with the PHP-GTK 2 API. Included in the online documentation is a new

Moving toward a release of PHP-GTK 2

This month PHP-GTK 2 has continued its march toward an initial release. Andrei has been working through bug fixes and implementing new features. Recently he added the ability to use GtkListStores and GtkTreeStores as if they were iterators or arrays. This makes it much easier to work with data models for GtkTreeView and

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