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Interim news from the PHP-GTK team: progress being made between versions, new features added...

PHP-GTK 2 Progress

Development of PHP-GTK 2 is steadily picking up pace. The last month has seen plenty of activity not only in commits to CVS but in other parts of the PHP-GTK 2 community also:

Gnope Installer Released

Version 1.0 of the Gnope Installer has been released. The Gnope installer helps to set up a full featured PHP-GTK2 installation on a Windows system with just a few clicks. It is designed to make installation of PHP-GTK2 and PHP-GTK2 applications quick and easy.

For more information or to download Gnope visit

Getting Ready for PHP-GTK 2

PHP-GTK 2 is getting closer and closer to a first release every day. At the International PHP Conference, Andrei gave a talk about the current status of PHP-GTK 2 and the direction it is heading. Since then, excellent progress has been made with trees and editable cells. Parameter reflection has also been added thanks to Christian. The lastest efforts have led to the first set of practical applications written with PHP-GTK 2.

Christian's reflection browser makes it easy to take a look at the inner workings of PHP-GTK 2 classes and can be used as simple documentation.

A Message from Andrei

I finished porting the first demo from PyGTK, the stock item browser. It's in demos/stock-browser.php and in the process I've implemented a fair amount of new GtkTreeView/GtkListStore functions. PHP-GTK 2 is coming along!

Maybe a very early alpha release is due...

PHP-GTK 2 Making progress

PHP-GTK 2 is making great strides toward a working release. Andrei's relentless work has lead to a current CVS version that can run non-trivial scripts. See this posting to the general mailing list for an example. Take a look at the change log for the latest updates.

Expanding Horizons

PHP-GTK development is growing in several directions. A recent barrage of commits by Andrei shows that PHP-GTK 2 is moving ever closer towards a working release. At the same time, Ivan Rodriguez has been helping to add some GtkExtra classes to the CVS versions of both PHP-GTK 1 and PHP-GTK 2.

Other PHP communities are contributing to PHP-GTK development in their own way. PEAR has released another class, Gtk_Styled, to help PHP-GTK developers write cleaner, more stable code. The folks over at Zend have recognized everyone who has contributed to PHP-GTK development, documentation or the web site by adding them to the "Zend Who's Who of PHP".

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