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This type of post carries information about a specific version of PHP-GTK or one of its components. Usually, this will be an announcement for a new version.

Can I expect PHP-GTK V3.0 in 2012?

PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language, GTK is a cross-platform widget toolkit for creating graphical user interfaces and PHP-GTK is a set of language bindings for PHP which allow GTK+ GUI applications to be written in PHP.

I have been working on PHP-GTK for some-time, but it seems that PHP-GTK applications crash easily, they are slow and are not according to desktop application expectations. Also I have found a lot of criticism regarding it, like:

PHP-GTK on Vista Memory Issue

Hello ,

Yesterday I encountered a weird thing. I created an application to manage pictures on your computer to easily upload then to your website.

My work station is WinXp system and my friend where I had to create it for has the new Vista and somewhere over 9000 pictures to be managed. On my system everything worked fine, but on my friends system i always got the error can not open file .

PHP-GTK 2 Alpha Re-release

Apparently, PEAR infrastructure tools (due to a deficiency in PHP's version_compare() function) cannot handle a version modifier called "zeta". We had to rename it to good old "alpha", re-package and re-release. Download it if you plan to use PEAR's or's packages.

PHP-GTK 2 Zeta Release

After a long development cycle, PHP-GTK team is proud to announce the first official preview release of PHP-GTK 2. Since everyone has been patiently waiting for this release for quite a while, we have decided to skip a few letters of the Greek alphabet and go straight to zeta, which does not get nearly enough respect in the software world compared to its brethren. So, without further ado,

October News

Christian Weiske has written an article for PHP Magazin titled "Rapid Application Development Mit PHP-GTK" which discusses creating applications using PHP-GTK and Glade.

An unofficial version of PHP-GTK 2 for Windows can be found at

PHP-GTK 1.0.2 Released

PHP-GTK 1.0.2 is a minor release that fixes a bug in the build process that prevented PHP-GTK from being installed with the newly released PHP 4.4.x branch.

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