Which editing widget do you use in your PHP-GTK apps ?

33% (5 votes)
13% (2 votes)
47% (7 votes)
Home-grown (please comment)
7% (1 vote)
Total votes: 15

feisty php-gtk2 beta now available

php-gtk2 is now available for feisty. to install php-gtk2 open your package manager and add

deb http://cycleide.uni.cc/php-gtk feisty testing

reload the packages there is now a catagory called php-gtk ; select it and there is a package named phpgtk2 install this.

you will now be able to run php-gtk programs by typing :

php-gtk yourscript.php


PHP-GTK 2 Beta !

The PHP-GTK team is proud to announce the release of a beta version of PHP-GTK 2. This release, aptly named extension extravaganza, brings with it tons of new features that you can look forward to:

Exporting geo-nick information to GoogleEarth

Inspired by Marc Quinton I made an application for on-line generating KML files with the GPS coordinates of developers here. It can be used as a simple example of using some Gtk widget, PHP DOM extension, XMLRPC and for flying over our heads - enjoy :)

freeFAX - Fax Over IP

screenshot for freeFAXfreeFAX is a very small php-gtk2 application to send faxes using an Internet Service Provider fax gateway.

Gul 2.0 XUL parser for php-gtk 2

screenshot for Gul 2.0Gul 2.0 is a free XUL interpreter for the PHP-GTK2 extension.

Gul enables you to simplify the developer's work and supports cascading style sheets (CSS) to customize applications. XUL can then be used just like Glade to build the UI for your PhpGtk applications.

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