Blogging about PHP-GTK

If you are logged in to the site (instead of passing by anonymously) you may have noticed the small, dark, lowercase "b" marks which started appearing today on the "Recent pages", "Community", and "Manual Updates" blocks in the right column of the site.

These are the most visible sign of a new feature on the site: registered members now have their own blog on the site, and blogging about a manual update, community story or recent page is just one click away.

That's right: blogging about an item a just means click on this blog it marker marker where it appears.

Blogging about content

Clicking on the "blog it" marker automatically pre-keys in your post:

  • the title of the item you're blogging about, prefixed by "About " (or "", if you are commenting about the manual updates), as the subject of your blog entry
  • the summary of the item you're blogging about, as the beginning of your post
  • a link to the item you're blogging about, wrapped in "[]", after the summary

All of these are for your convenience only: feel free to erase them, although it may make sense to at least retain the link so that your readers know what you are blogging about.

Accessing your blog

You can access your blog by clicking on My Blog in the menu you find in the right-side bar. Blog entries are available for all to see and comment.

All your blog posts are displayed in reverse chronological order, and an RSS feed is created for just your posts, for your dedicated readers.


Blogging improvement

Small blogging improvement today: it is now possible to blog about any application description, story, or forum post, just by clicking on the same not here ! image in the links at the bottom of the page.

Comment viewing options

Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes.