feisty php-gtk2 beta now available

php-gtk2 is now available for feisty. to install php-gtk2 open your package manager and add

deb http://cycleide.uni.cc/php-gtk feisty testing

reload the packages there is now a catagory called php-gtk ; select it and there is a package named phpgtk2 install this.

you will now be able to run php-gtk programs by typing :

php-gtk yourscript.php




In order to make it work I had to create /usr/local/php-gtk/lib/php.ini with

It's not compiled with GladeXML support, or I'm missing something?

Glade and other extensions

Hi Sabastian,
Thanks for pointing out I forgot to add the extension to the php.ini.
as for glade and other extensions I have not compiled them in as I was waiting to be able to compile them shared, which thanks to bob on irc #php-gtk I can now do.
so tomorrow I will be updating the phpgtk2 package and adding a few more packages for glade, sourceview and libsexy, at present there is conflicts with gtkextra as shared but rest assured the php-gtk dev team are working on this.
if you have any problems or questions feel free to contact me via this site.

regards Leon Pegg

configuration directory

what would be interesting is to have a configuration directory (/usr/local/php-gtk/lib/conf.d/) and update each extension file individualy. I don't know how to do that, but that's default for php5 on feisty.

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