now supports OpenID login

OpenID logo So you forgot your password to once more ? No longer be weary, you can now login to the site with your favorite OpenID credentials, and forget the site-specific password.

Enabling your account for OpenID

First you must already have a site account on an OpenID is not an account substitute, it is only an alternate way to authenticate, which removes the need to know zillions of user/password pairs. That way, you can remember just that one OpenID you chose, and choose a hard-to-guess password, because you'll only have to remember that one.

Then, once you are logged in with the normal site credentials, go to the "My Account" page and click on the "OpenID Identities" tab. Paste your OpenID in the input field, and click "Add".

At that point, you'll be redirected to your OpenID provider to confirm that you agree to that provider supplying authentication for

Logging in with OpenID

Next time you need to login to, maybe to answer a question on the forums, or comment on a post, click on the "Log in using OpenID" link instead of using your normal login. Then use your OpenID, and your OpenID provider will confirm your ID to, and you will be logged in with your normal user account.