pkStart - yet another start menu

From my first uses of PHP-GTK, I found it lacked an installer. Something that gives more confidence than zillions of zipped files. Thus was born PiGii.

Months later, I needed a "tail" utility for MS-Windows. Thus appeared pkTail.

A few weeks later, I searched for an application launcher: something similar to the well-known "Start" menu. The time had come for pkStart.

  • The pkStart icon (with its tip) in the system tray:
  • The default launcher. Notice the two lists: recent and frequent,
    and the status bar: PHP and GTK version numbers.
  • And now, the launcher with popup menu and tree structure:
  • A right click to edit preferences.

    The right click is useful to quit the application as well.
  • The form Preferences and its 'General' page:
  • Finally, the 'Programs' page:

Last, the installer (the uninstaller is included as usual) let you select the programs you need.

(Default language is english, not french - sorry about that)

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