pkTail - yet another tail tool (for MS-windows' users only)

A few days ago, I needed a tool like the Unix "tail" in order to monitor some files' updates. After some walks with yahoo, bing or google, I found nothing available for a poor lonesome MS-windows(tm) user ;)
nothing but tons of good ideas.

The first pkTool was born: pkTail - that's also my first PHP-GTK creation.

Here it is: a toolbar with 3 buttons, a textview and a kind of status bar.

After some drag'n drop, it is supposed to look like the following:

The status bar reports S: the start time, L:the time of last update #:the number of updates

On a drop event, only the 10 last lines of the file are read and displayed. I've read that FAM (File Alteration Monitor) was not reliable enough. So, pkTail is scanning the dropped file, twice a second, for changes to display. Only changed bytes are read and displayed, since new lines are appended at the end of log files.
In short, pkTail was designed to be fast.

LicenceCeCILL v2 - see see

Special thanks

Next pkTool: pkAwk
I'm thinking of a little IDE for awk. Because I like awk: powerful and humble. Although its last letter is k (does it ring a bell :)


pkTail - new versions

New versions of pkTail are hosted at sourceforge.

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