pkTheme - yet another theme manager

Remember pkTail and pkStart?
Today, I'm pleased to introduce you pkTheme.

All these tools are shipped with the pkTypical pack ("pkTypical pack" sounds great, doesn't it?)

The aim of pkTheme is

  • to make the preview of PHP-GTK themes, and
  • to make changes in these themes,

both actions as conveniently as possible.

pkTheme works from the themes of a system, preferably installed by PiGii, of course.

The parser of pkTheme is based upon a regular expression. Powerful, isn't it?

Above of us, we can see the "Crux" theme at work - Bellissimo!

Many widgets are displayed as examples. That's good in order to make the right decision.

The progress bars are even moving: great!

For the moment, editing a theme is somewhat rough: users should be satisfied with a "GtkTextView".
Depending on users' comments, a future release might include a syntax highlighting, thanks to a "GtkSourceView" of course.

As usual, this is hosted at sourceforge.
Installer can be downloaded from there
When filing in a bug report, please enter 'pkTheme' in "category".

Happy new year,

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