GtkStatusIcon problem

I'm trying to use GtkStatusIcon class but I get this error:
Fatal error: Class 'GtkStatusIcon' not found in ....
Here I've found this an explanation:
" .... GtkStatusIcon available in gtk+2.10 ..."
but my info shows this:
GTK+ support => enabled
GTK+ v => 2.16.1
Directive => Local Value => Master Value
php-gtk.codepage => UTF-8 => UTF-8
php-gtk.extensions => no value => no value

OS: Ubuntu 9.04
this is how I configured the extension:

Ubuntu repository with PHP-GTK

Hi all. I have set up a small Ubuntu repository (i386) with PHP-GTK (and some other packages), if anyone is interested. I configured PHP-GTK like this:
 ./configure --with-extra --with-html --with-libsexy --with-spell \
  --enable-php-gtk --enable-scintilla --enable-gtkhtml --with-mozembed
And I installed the following dependencies when I compiled it:
aptitude install -y php5-cli cvs php5-dev libglade2-dev \
  php-pear build-essential libgtkhtml3.8-dev libsexy-dev libxul-dev libgtkextra-x11-2.0-1
To set up the repository on your Ubuntu Intrepid do this in

knj SMS

screenshot for KNJ SMSThis application is another SMS-sender. It works via either Gnokii, a knj SMS gateway or the two danish providers CBB ( or Bibob ( It has a phonebook, groups of contacts, logs sent messages and have a quick-search-function.

Its default language is english - but I have also translated it into danish. If you want to translate it into other languages, it can easily be done via "poedit" (aptitude install poedit) - since it works via locales.

PHP-GTK without a connection to X

It is such a shame, that to use functions like io_add_watch(), you have to have a connection to X. This prevents us from creating "real" server-applications, which can run on a machine without any graphical user-interface running on it.

Does anyone know how to get around this? Is there another extension which can do the same as io_add_watch(), timeout_add() and more? Or is it possible to "fake a X-server"?

knj SMS gateway

screenshot of knjSMSGatewayInterface The application functions as a SMS-gateway. It can receive a SMS and post it to another application via HTTP-post, or other computers can connect to it via a socket and send SMS through it. It can even bounce messages to another knj SMS gateway. I reads SMS via Gnokii and saves them to a database of your choice. Works with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and even Access on Windows.

Fatal error: Class 'GtkBuilder' not found...

When I run this code, I get a beautiful Fatal Error:

Fatal error: Class 'GtkBuilder' not found in /home/david/gtkbuilder_api.php on line 44

/* This API is only available afer 2.12, before then use libglade */
if(Gtk::check_version(2, 12, 0))
die ('New Tooltip API only available in GTK 2.12 or higher');

$xml = '


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