Compile That PHP-GTK2, and More

One thing that causes a lot of problems still right now is the lack of pre-compiled packages for Linux distributions. Between that and users who would just want to compile their own anyway I get a lot of questions about how to setup a system for, and compile, PHP-GTK2. Personally, I get a bit weary of repeating the same instructions over and over, so I have turned out a work-in-progress guide to compiling PHP-GTK2 on Unix systems with notes aimed to help people on certain distributions.

PGID3 v2.1

screenshot for PGID3 v2.1 PGID3 is an ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag editor for MP3 files. This new version sports a completely rebuilt user interface even though it looks exactly the same as before, now taking advantage of the PHP5 OOP model.

Also starting with this version PGID3 is now under the BSD License.

closing GtkDialog

I used Glade to set up the GUI for my PHP-GTK app. Everything works fine, except for closing and re-opening a GtkDialog that gets opened when clicking a button in my main window.

In my .glade-File:

<widget class="GtkDialog" id="helpwindow">

In my .phpw-File:

function onHelpClicked()

onHelpClicked() is linked to the Help button in the main window; onCloseHelpClicked() is linked to a Cancel button in the help window. Both buttons do what I expect them to do, however, when I close the help window by pushing the Esc key on the keyboard (or with the window's X button), I am not able to re-open it using the Help button - instead the app freezes and I get "Call to a member function show_all() on a non-object in ......... on line ....." (the line number is the one with show_all() in my function onHelpClicked() ).

What is the correct way to open a dialog defined in a .glade file and close it and be able to re-open it?


screenshot for MkDevDVD MkDevDVD is a /dev/dvd manager for Linux, which in itself does not sound too exciting. It allows you to quickly switch /dev/dvd between a symbolic link to your CDROM device, or mount a DVD ISO so that media players like Xine and Mplayer work correctly when looking up your DVD.

ispMonitor - an easy to use Ping frontend.

screenshot for ispMonitorispMonitor is a easy to use GUI for the ping command, allowing one to monitor network defects over broadband ADSL Internet connections. ispMonitor takes care of dropped or late packets. Results are displayed both visually and in a text window.

CommandWidget - a terminal like widget for php-gtk

Command widget demo The CommandWidget is nearly like a terminal and allows the user to issue commands to a shell and view the result in a GtkTextView widget.

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