freeFAX - Fax Over IP

screenshot for freeFAXfreeFAX is a very small php-gtk2 application to send faxes using an Internet Service Provider fax gateway.


screenshot for GTKSMSSend SMS from your PC using PHP-GTK : GTKSMS allows users to send messages to cellphones (SMS) without needing a phone.

PHP-GTK Glade object


Does anybody know how to access the object attribute in a .glade file, i have tried googling and spent hours reading the manual, without much success. I would like to access the attribute to make my application dynamically load a class at the time the signal is sent, rather than have it all sitting in memory.

An extract from my glade file:

<signal name="clicked" handler="on_toolbarNew_clicked" object="myobject" last_modification_time="Sat, 12 May 2007 02:45:00 GMT"/>

How I envision its usage:

PHP-GTK Builder

screenshot for PHP-GTK BuilderPHP GTK Builder is a RAD tool which can help build lightweight php-gtk applications.

Tulip IDE

screenshot for Tulip code editorTulip is an editor tailored to PHP code writing in a cooperative environment. It is written in PHP-GTK itself, and includes the usual features: code completion, CVS controls, project explorer, file locking, syntax hints and highlighting, etc.


screenshot for FreeTiViFreeTiVi is a php-gtk2 front end for mplayer, used to watch TV over DSL using the RTSP streams from french ISP Free.

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