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This topic is created to gather all recommendations gathered over time from the most frequently asked questions on the mailing lists and on IRC. So go ahead, add your own Q&A, and I'll update the main post as required !


XtremGui is a user interface to unsplit files generated from XtremSplit.


phpISO is a small application to make images from CDs.

phpISO screendumpphpISO is very small, but very easy to use and very fast. It only works under Linux! You enter a device, for example /dev/cdrom and phpISO makes a similar image of it.

Dev Inspector Phar

Dev Inspector is a PHP class inspector.

screenshot for PHP GTK Dev InspectorThis is a PHP class browser

A PHP-GTK widget which needs to continuously synchronize data

I need to develop a desktop widget which needs to be run in the silent mode. This widget (application) needs to continuously synchronize data from the parent website. We were trying to develop this using PHP-GTK but are unable to come up with an appropriate solution.

The desktop widget needs to show the user real time updates made on the website similar to real player widget. So I need support to understand how to make this widget in silent mode and to show the real time updates.

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