screenshot for <application name /> php-desktop emulates a desktop using KDE programs/icons

php-desktop is tested with KDE. It also uses KDE programs (for example kde-open) and KDE icons. php-desktop gets the icon by the mimetype of a file. If the file is a desktop-file php-desktop gets the icon from there.

Using GtkSourceview to build a php editor with syntax highlighting

a simple php editor using GtkSourceView Here is a quick way to build a PHP editor with syntax highlighting. This widget is nearly usable as a real php-gtk IDE. It extends GtkSourceView widget and internally manages both a text buffer and language object classes.


Teak is an IMAP mail client written in php-gtk1. It supports multiple IMAP mail servers.

Gnope PHP-GTK 2 Installer

Gnope is a program management environment, allowing you to download and deploy applications with a graphical user interface written in PHP-GTK2 on many platforms.

Installation tutorials

This is a list of various articles that reference the PHP-GTK installation process on various OS platforms, using either the canonical distribution from or alternate distributions like Gnope.

Install PHP-GTK 2 with Gnope for UNIX-Linux

About Gnope

Gnope is a central site where you can find interesting applications and library for PHP-GTK developpement. Gnope has a repository for quick access to package installation. Gnope package managment is based on pear, so you need to have a working pear environment to start working with Gnope. If you have built PHP-GTK on your own, you should have pear installed. You just have to locate the pear command :

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