YAHG (Yet Another Hamachi GUI)

YAHG (Yet Another Hamachi GUI) is a quite good GUI for linux hamachi.

Linuxstok - CRM

LinuxStok "Controle de Estoque e Financeiro" is software for managing the life of a commercial store. It is developed especially for the Brazilian market.


Lintelkku is a PHP-GTK application that uses mplayer to play NSV streams listed on SHOUTcast.

Deep Dungeons

Deep Dungeons is a classic Role-Playing-Game, in 2D ! "Au menu": Heroes, monsters, dungeons, swords, gold, bugs... ;-)

qpoq : php open query

ODBC connection tool. Simple design - only 4 files so is useful as a tutorial for beginners as well as experienced users who want to re-work it

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