GtkTreeModel::foreach in gtk+ 2.18

GtkTreeModel::foreach methods works fine in 2.12 but returns this error in 2.18

Fatal error: Call to undefined method GtkTreeStore::foreach()

Is this a real bug or has there been a change between the versions that I have missed?


Solution found: In 2.18 the method is : GtkTreeStore::for_each()


CairoForPHP Samples

Screenshot for CairoForPHP Samples in desktop environmentCairoForPHP Samples is an application that demonstrates several functions of the Cairo implementation for PHP. It uses a technique with which, from the same source, it can run both as a desktop application with PHP-GTK and as a web application in a webserver, thus demonstrating how PHP-GTK can be used as "just one" method of output and integrated into multi-platform, multi-environment applications.

Db access from GTK

Hi all, i have a php-mysql web application, which is a school based project.

My client wants this application to be converted into a .exe file such that it can be installed on his desktop and use it.

Instead, I suggested that we will do the same application using PHP GTK so that it can be run stand-alone on his system.

Will the mysql database be accessible for the GTK application, or do i need to use SQLite database?

Moreover, my existing app has a lot of html forms, with javascript and css included in them. Will the GTK support them ?

pkSFX - yet another setup program

Remember pkTail and pkStart and pkTheme?
Today, I'm pleased to introduce pkSFX to you.

All these tools are shipped with the pkTypical pack available at sourceforge.

Well. Imagine that you have written a new application, or a new version of that app, and now is the time to deploy... This is going to be the easiest task of the project, thanks to pkSFX - Yet Another Setup Program!


code check, please!

hello friends!, well this is my code

Code completion for PHP-GTK in Netbeans

Jose Antonio Bayona Medina has put up a slideshow demonstrating how to use the basic technique outlined in this chapter to add PHP-GTK 2 autocompletion in Netbeans 6.7.

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