PHP GTK and BCMath functions (bcsub, bcadd, bccomp) not working properly

I found this problem, when I was trying to benchmark my code. It seems that BC Math extension, which is built-in to PHP since version 4.? does not work properly with PHP GTK.

I tried this example both with PHP-GTK and regular PHP and I get different results. I am not sure if this is a missing feature or a bug. My installation is PHP-GTK 2.0.1 from (binary and extensions).

bcsub (or any other BC Math) function exists, it just doesn't work. I even tried supplying floats directly as arguments - always returns 0.000000.

PiGii, yet another PHP-GTK distribution

Pierre Fauconnier has set up a new distribution of PHP-GTK 2 for Windows, and a site to match on SourceForge, under the moniker PiGii

You can find this distro at

We're still here

Rumours of PHP-GTK's death have been greatly exaggerated! The project is very much still alive, but we're waiting for PHP 5.3 to come out, and also some work needs to be done on the Cairo extension before a new release can be made. This should be completed soon. This release will come with support for GTK+ 2.14 and 2.16, Cairo, and PHP 5.3.

The next release will also include official installers for Windows and Mac OSX, and an installer script (thank you bob) for Linux.

knj SMS

screenshot for KNJ SMSThis application is another SMS-sender. It works via either Gnokii, a knj SMS gateway or the two danish providers CBB ( or Bibob ( It has a phonebook, groups of contacts, logs sent messages and have a quick-search-function.

Its default language is english - but I have also translated it into danish. If you want to translate it into other languages, it can easily be done via "poedit" (aptitude install poedit) - since it works via locales.

knj SMS gateway

screenshot of knjSMSGatewayInterface The application functions as a SMS-gateway. It can receive a SMS and post it to another application via HTTP-post, or other computers can connect to it via a socket and send SMS through it. It can even bounce messages to another knj SMS gateway. I reads SMS via Gnokii and saves them to a database of your choice. Works with MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and even Access on Windows.

Can't connect to DB

Cannot connect to db no matter what I do. php-cli.ini is pointing to correct extensions folder. I have extension line for mysql there as well. I got a few errors requesting files like libmysql.dll that I provided in the main php-gtk2 folder, errors went away, but the lines in my .phpg file that try to connect do not work. They shut down the app.

Pulling my hair out.

The documentation and discussions on these problems that I have found so far do not appear to address the problem.

Any help greatly appreciated.



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