Dev Inspector Phar

Dev Inspector is a PHP class inspector.

screenshot for PHP GTK Dev InspectorThis is a PHP class browser

A PHP-GTK widget which needs to continuously synchronize data

I need to develop a desktop widget which needs to be run in the silent mode. This widget (application) needs to continuously synchronize data from the parent website. We were trying to develop this using PHP-GTK but are unable to come up with an appropriate solution.

The desktop widget needs to show the user real time updates made on the website similar to real player widget. So I need support to understand how to make this widget in silent mode and to show the real time updates.


Anúbis is a simple RAD / IDE tool wich helps to build php-gtk applications and its intefaces in a simple way like Lazarus, Delphi, VB...

Alien Arena server browser

The Alien Arena server browser lets you look for Alien Arena game servers.

PHP-GTK programming

Hi! right firstly I'm very new to PHP-GTK2, though I have done a small amount of php programming many years ago.

Gone through the manual, and followed some of the few tutorials available, and so far found it very easy to use! at least to make a window appear :)

The problem is I'm now stuck.. :)

What im trying to do is to make a crossplatform 'Site Shop' application, now this is a far too big off project to undertake on its own, so Ive subdivided into small areas to work on and hopefully learn PHP-GTK2.

GladeXT : converting Glade 1.x files to PHP-GTK

GladeXT is a source file maker. It converts the XML files produced / edited by Glade to PHP-GTK sources.

It performs XML parsing of the Gladefile, and extracts event handlers and extract user editable widgets, then writes an equivalent PHP source for the UI.

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