Site upgrade on 2013-05-01

The PHP-GTK community site was upgraded from Drupal 5 at long last, after it got hacked with minimal damage in April. That long overdue upgrade was an occasion to update both Drupal core and contrib code and the site custom code to more recent versions and higher quality/security levels. It is always humbling to revisit one's code 5 years later and see how what seemed like a good idea one day may appear like something one would never have written, in retrospect.

Damage and recovery

Overall damage was limited: 1 account (mine !) was defaced, and 117 user accounts and 27 articles were deleted. All have been restored from backups (yes, sometimes you're glad to have offline backups), before upgrading the code to a more recent and safer version: Pressflow 6 for core, matching contrib modules, and custom code entirely revisited for Drupal 6.

Which raises an obvious question: why not ugprade to Drupal 7 these days ? Simply because Drupal upgrade processes are always N → N+1, not N → N+2, meaning a direct ugprade from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 would have meant an actual data migration plan instead of just upgrading and porting code. But then, won't that be a problem when Drupal 6 gets end-of-lifed when Drupal 8 is released, hopefully in early 2014 ? No, because this Drupal 6 security upgrade was only the first step: a new version on Drupal 7 is planned in the next few weeks.


On that occasion, all passwords were reset and you will need to ask the site for a login reset on your first connection.

Everything else should be unchanged, however, so if you find something changed, please contact the site team to warn about the problem.